Who knew that taking a random picture of a sign that said:

while on my morning drive would turn into years of debates online. But, that is exactly what happened in 2017 when I snapped this picture of a sign which has now gone viral online with almost a half a million shares on Facebook:

The Sign

The photo has now been edited, shared, and made into articles. I have received nasty grams (people feeling this is disrespectful to drug addicts), thank yous and people even offering me their insulin. (Even though I am not diabetic myself, I thank you for the kind offers.)

Let me get a few things straight. This is not a meme. This was a very real picture of a sign that I took in North Ridgeville, Ohio at Northridge Auto Repair shop. The owner of the auto shop, Jay Linn, has passed away since this photo was taken in 2017.

The Diabetic

Why did I post a picture of this sign to Facebook? It is a good debate to have.

Drug prices have gone through the roof in recent years, and as insulin has tripled in price we still see many people struggling to get their medication. While I’m not diabetic, I have had issues myself over the years just getting my Epi-Pen refilled because as Jonathan Newman points out:

Government regulations have killed the free market in healthcare, and as a result, people are dying — they are responsible for killing people. As Timothy D. Terrell once said,

What is needed is a free market approach. As a recent Fee article pointed out:

The Drug Addict

If there is one thing that has destroyed lives more than anything it has been the War on Drugs, both directly and as an indirect result of all the further destructive government encroachments it opens the door for. As Ludwig von Mises once pointed out,

The government has a long history of saving you from yourself, from the prohibition on alcohol, or the raiding of a cancer patients marijuana, to more recently a tea known as kratom. The list of what the government won’t allow you to put in your body is long.

As Mark Thornton wrote, prohibition doesn’t work,

Whatever happened to the freedom to make mistakes? As Ludwig von Mises once said,

In Conclusion

Jay Linn, the man who put up the sign that I took a picture of, might not have lived long enough to know how many people would end up talking about his sign. But he did leave us with a gift. To question the narrative the media and government feed us daily. He got us talking. Personally, I don’t believe the drug addict nor the diabetic are to blame… the drug manufactures and government regulations are. We need a free market in healthcare and we need to end the drug war that has failed so many. It is long past time to take our lives and bodies back from these government tyrants and start making choices for ourselves. Our lives and the lives of millions depend on it.



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Natalie Fawn Danelishen

Natalie Fawn Danelishen


Conscientious objector If we have freedom: are we not responsible for what we do and what we fail to do? Acta non verba.